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Ontop is committed to exploring new ways to increase LED capacity, energy saving technologies and clean tech energy. More than an obligation, it is the responsibility of everyone to replace old outdated equipment and conventional light sources with cleaner,brighter, sustainable lighting solutions and equipment that require far less energy to operate and conserve our natural resources. Ontop, LED-lighting solutions and energy saving products address these responsibilities by presenting clear advantages for all end users.By lowering energy consumption by as much as 80%, we not only afford higher energy savings, but raise social consciousness as well.

Spearheading today’s global energy efficiency revolution,Ontop promises to advance LED light & energy efficiency technology by offering a comprehensive line of unparalleled, environmentally responsible LED lighting solutions and energy saving products driven by market demand, research and development and total customer service. Our mission is to provide municipalities, commercial property managers, park services, retailers, as well as the healthcare,hospitality, education and transportation industries with alternative illumination and energy efficiency that will provide them exceptional energy savings and lower maintenance cost on time and at the right price, always.

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