New LED Floodlight 100W
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    • Specifications:

        Model   MG-FL-100W-2
        Input Voltage   AC85-265V 50/60Hz)
        Rated Power   100W
        Light source   12×8W Cree XTE
        Power efficiency   ≥0.9
        IP Grade   IP65
        Material   Aluminium+Glass
        Ream Angle   120°
        CCT   WW:2800~3300K      NW:4000~4500K        PW:6000~6500K
        CRI   WW:Ra80               NW:Ra80          PW:Ra75
        Lumen   WW:8200LM             NW:8350LM       PW:8500LM
        Lifespan   ≥50,000hrs  (70% Lumen Maintenance)
        Lumen Attenuation   <5% @ 5,000hrs
        Work temperature   -25~+45℃
        NW   5.15KG
        GW   6.35KG
        Dimension   L305*W250*H192mm
        Packing Dimension   L395*W345*H240mm


      A) Environment protection: Adopting cold light source, no radiation and heavy metal pollution.
      B) Saving electricity up to 50% compared to different with traditional Flood Light 
      C) Adopting integrated Chip as light source with high lighting efficiency (80-100LM/W) , high CRI(Ra>70), good quality heat dissipation,
      low light degradation.
      D) Aluminum alloy die cast housing, good strength, high quality heat dissipation. anti corrosion and baking varnish surface, can be for
      outdoor using.
      E) Multi-functional adjustable fixation bracket precisely and effectively adjusts for illuminant angle of light fixture.
      F) Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.
      G) No RF interference & electric wave resistant.
      H) Ingenious design, can replace light source
      I) Supply electricity by using low voltage and direct current, gives high safety factor, suitable for lighting in outlying area and the wild.
      J) Built-in high efficiency constant current driver, Wide Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz input, worldwide application.
      K) Longer Lifetime of 30000~50000 hrs

      Diagram of degradation for Luminous:





      Installation instruction: 

       1. Open the packaging, check the products carefully, and take them gently.
       2. The wire must be passed 3C certification of three core cable, To reduce the risk of fire hazard.
       3. It must be three-core cable connecting the floodlight, The brown line is used to connect the live wire, the blue line to the neutral wire, yellow-green line is the ground wire, Must pay attention to the wiring, don't take the wrong wire.
      4. Wire copper is not exposed outside of the power terminal holes, To avoid a short circuit or get electrocuted.
      5. Installation and removal products, please disconnect the light's power to avoid the risk of electric shock


      Application notes:


      A) Only professional electrician can install the LED flood light, please check the lamp very carefully before installation.
      B) Please install the LED flood light follow up the installation procedure, make sure the screw has been wrested very tightly, the wires have been
      connected properly, .Please operate according to Product Instructions enclosed.