New LED High Bay Light 60W
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    • Specification:

      Model                                OT-HL60W-2
      Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
      Comsumed power 60W
      Power efficiency ≥0.9
      Base type E39/HOOK
      Beam Angle 100°
      CCT WW:3000K                 NW:4000K             PW:6000K
      CRI WW:Ra70                   NW:Ra75               PW:Ra75
      LM WW:4100LM              NW:4200LM           PW:4300LM

      Product features

      1.Adopt the modern aesthetic streamline design, compact in structure and nice in appearance.
      2.Reliable aluminum alloy corrugated-fin composition,increasing the cooling area at utmost, reducing the light weight a lot.
      3.Adopt high-quality-high-efficiency constant current driver, to ensure the products' stability, also to reduce the power consumption greatly.
      4.Use SMD LED light source((low light decay, high color rendering index), stable in light color, and real, non- glare, more suitable for eyes.
      5.No mercury, lead and hazardous substances, no UV, no infrared, no radiation, beneficial to human health.