LED accessories

LED 24 key RF controller
With memory function when power off . Easy to connect and simple to use.
LED 24Key RGB IR Controller
Mode, suspend power memory function. Fixed mode ,16 levels brightness adjustment Change mode.
LED RGB Amplifier
For power repeat of synchronous changing signal.3 channel RGB controlthe max current of each channel up to 5 A
LED 4 Key RF Controller
12-24V Signal Amplifier 4 Keys Wireless RF Controller For 5050 RGB LED Strip
LED RF Remote Controller
Single Color Dimmer,you could adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need.
LED Driver POWER Supply
LED driver 35/60/100/120/ 150/200/250/350/ 400W
LED waterproof driver
POWER 60/100/150/250/ 300/350/400W
LED waterproof driver
POWER 20/35/60/75/100W
LED Driver DC12V 3A/5A 36W/60W
CE/RoHs/UL, 12 Months Warranty, Short circuit/Over load/ Over voltage/ Over temp protection